Adopt a Patient - Change a Life

Chosen International Medical Assistance has Partnered with Foundation Medical San Lucas (FMSL) in Valladolid, Mexico, in supporting:

Adopt a Patient – Change a Life

Adopt a Patient – Change a Life,  is an initiative of FMSL along with Government Organizations and Local Churches in order to serve as a bridge for potential donors to be a blessing for patients who can’t afford a surgical procedure that is needed.

Our objective is to provide, physical and spiritual health by generating a link between patients in need, local churches and donors. By accomplishing this bridge-like relationship with patients we are in a much better position to share the Gospel and follow up with discipleship.

Adopt a Patient – Change a life is your opportunity to impact the lives of people in desperate need of Physical health, but more importantly for Spiritual health.

Your Donation Includes:

+ Pre Op lab tests

+ Pre Op internal medicine evaluation of the patient (mandatory for patients over 50 yrs)

+ Transportation to and from the clinic the day of the surgery

+ The total requested donation for the required procedure

Your donation ensures that the patients DOES NOT need to spend any money at all.