~~About Chosen.....

Our Beginnings.... CHOSEN began when Richard Love traveled to a Korean hospital as a volunteer in mission. While in Korea, Dick’s eyes were opened to the desperate circumstances under which medical missionaries’ labor. As an employee of a major manufacturer of operating room and sterilization equipment, he began exploring possibilities to remedy those deplorable conditions. Deciding equipment trade-ins and items rendered obsolete by American technology would be priceless in less affluent societies; he began the effort that has shipped equipment to Christian health care facilities in 110 nations. Established in 1969, CHOSEN is a ministry serving the whole Christian Church.

Our Present...  Working to advance health care in economically deprived countries. CHOSEN has shipped millions of dollars worth of new and remanufactured medical equipment to medical mission facilities. Additionally, volunteers and staff have traveled the world installing and repairing equipment, developing and teaching training programs in equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and providing instruction in operating room procedures, infection control and sterilization in hospital environments. CHOSEN has 4 paid staff and many volunteers who have varied backgrounds that offer invaluable experience. Truck drivers, plumbers, electronic technicians, nurses, engineers, salesmen, doctors, housewives, and many others have joined ranks over the years to support the front line Christians bringing the Gospel to the lost. At the heart of CHOSEN is the notion that material supplied to mission hospitals is in proper working order. Experience shows, however, that material donated by manufacturers, medical facilities, and individuals, is frequently broken, worn out, missing needed parts, or is technologically inappropriate, not needed, or simply unusable. Organizations soliciting for mission hospitals are usually unaware of the need for equipment to be refurbished before being shipped. If equipment in this condition goes to the field, the result is a great deal of discouragement and expense for mission personnel. Conversely, equipment from CHOSEN is thoroughly tested and, if required, is reconditioned and restored to working order with all accessories included. This ensures effective stewardship of God’s resources. Also, every effort is made to find or prepare simplified, up to date, manuals for each item. Further promoting good stewardship, CHOSEN’s staff is leading efforts to ensure quality standards are developed and adhered to by all medical supply and support groups. Because of these efforts, medical missionaries expect the best from CHOSEN.

Our Future...  CHOSEN has built a reputation of providing high quality equipment to medical facilities around the world, and we remain committed to living up to our reputation.  In addition, CHOSEN has recently changed its name and is expanding its ministry. Now known as Chosen International Medical Assistance, (or ChosenIMA), we have begun coordinating short term medical mission trips.  Our goal will be to send teams in to places that have received our equipment, and seek out ways to make an even bigger impact for the Kingdom in these communities.  Beyond that, we will prayerfully seek the Lord's guidance, and trust Him in travelling through the doors that He opens.  We invite you to join us on this journey!