"This is a small donation to thank you for providing a lift chair for my mom many months ago.  She couldn't have afforded it on her own since her insurance didn't cover its expense.  It's made a big difference for her. The old chair she had was very low and it was getting way too difficult for her to get up.

Thank you again! God bless you for all your good works. Peace and prayers to you all - Rosanna

Record 208 Items Distributed in July 2017!

Meeting the needs of our neighbors...

In 2016, Chosen International Medical Assistance distributed 1324 home health care items to members of our local community. That is over 5 items given out each day our doors were open!  It is people like you who allow us to continue to serve the community.  You can help by donating gently used home health care items when you are finished with them and by letting others know about this need. Please note, we are unable to take medications, food or liquids of any kinds, or anything expired.  You may drop items off to our office at 3638 West 26th Street, Erie, PA - Monday - Thursday 8AM - 3PM and Friday 8AM - 2PM.  If you would like to make a financial donation to help us support this ministry, that would be appreciated as well!  Thank you! (UPDATE: FROM JANUARY-AUGUST 2107 - 1221 ITEMS HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTED!)


At the end of 2016, the Erie County Diabetes Association closed its doors.  ChosenIMA is working towards filling  a small pard of the void left by the closing.  We are now accepting dontations of diabetic items including meters, test strips, lancets, and syringes.  Please note, all supplies must be unexpired and in their original packaging.  Monetary donations will also be accepted.


We are looking for:   

Transport and regular manual wheelchairs, Transfer benches and shower chairs

Transfer Boards

Knee Scooters

3-in-1 commodes (potty chairs)

Pulmonary walkers

Bed canes

Thank you for helping us to help our neighbors!


A wheelchair, being used to make a memory.............Taking a trip to Waldameer - not a big deal, right? (For those of you not from the Erie area, Waldameer is a local amusement park.) It IS a big deal when you have trouble walking. Getting from the parking lot into the park can be a painful if not impossible experience. Recently, a friend of the ministry stopped in to borrow a wheelchair for a relative who wanted to spend the day at the park as part of a family gathering.... Fortunately, we had one available to loan him. When he brought it back, he shared with us what a blessing it had been to be able to use it, as it enabled his family to spend the day together. Remember, the medical equipment you have that may be gathering dust in your home may be just what someone needs to make a memory that will last a lifetime :) We are praying for the day when we don't have to tell a neighbor, "I am sorry, we don't have that item available right now". Help us get closer to that goal by donating your extra medical equipment, and letting others know about the needs in our community! #medicalequipmentmemorymaking #familygatherings #identityprotection

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