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Birthing Tables

2080 Surgical Tables

Product Description

The manual, economical alternative to automatic tables


Easy to adjust to Lateral, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions
Features a foot pedal for oil-hydraulic up and down positioning
Dependable manual design makes the Marseille easy to maintain
Standard accessories include a screen frame, head-rest, shoulder support, armrest, body support, knee crutches, and foot support
Optional accessories include a restraint strap, hand grips, u-shaped headrest, raised armrest, stainless steel funnel and waste receptacle and corrugated tubing, and kidney elevator


Length of tabletop: 210 cm
Width of tabletop: 48 cm
Tabletop height (lowest/highest): 80 cm - 104 cm
Lateral tilt (left/right): 18°/18°
Trendelenburg/Reverse trendelenburg: 25°/25°
Back section up/down tilt angle: 75°/-10°
Leg section adjustment: 90°/90°
Head section adjustment: 45°/-50°
Weight: Approximately 170 kg

DRE Marseille Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table