Chosen International Medical Assistance – Projects in Valladolid

Thank you for your interest in this ministry! Here are some important things to know about the projects scheduled for Valladolid - Mexico

If you are reading this for a minor, please review all this information with him/her to keep them in the loop.

Flexibility Regardless of what you’re good at, allow God to use you in new and unexpected ways. No job is too small or unimportant while on a project. Without each person’s unique contribution, these projects would not be possible.

Change – Expect instructions/directions/plans to change every five minutes or less – it is how things work! Always tune in to the latest….

Patience – It isn’t easy to make arrangements in the areas where we work – the people and things needed are often not readily available and ready to respond to our needs.

Additional $$$ you may need during the project: (The best place to exchange you money is at a store near the hotel. You can exchange at the airport, but you will not receive as good of an exchange rate.)

$3 - $6 each time you wish to get your laundry done. Tipping at the hotel - $1 US per person/per day is suggested 

On the weekend (if you have registered for 2 – back to back projects), you may need to pay for a couple of meals $10 - $15 each. Cultural note: please remember that, contrary to what is customary in the U.S., in Latin American cultures, it is considered rude for the waiter to bring the check before you ask for it, so please ask for it when you are ready. Plan on $20 - $25 for each outing. On travel days – plan on at least one meal each travel day $10 - $15 each. Please note that any meals/snacks/water purchased at the Cancun airport will be expensive, as is true for any airport anywhere. You may want extra money for souvenirs and some snacks $40 - $50.

There may be a love offering collected during the week. Donations may be collected to help the local church or to support a specific ministry. 

Immunizations - There are no required immunizations to travel to Mexico. Be up to date on your tetanus shot. Many recommend that you have Hepatitis A and B. Check with your doctor for further information. 

Minors (under age 18) not traveling with parents (both), should have a notarized piece of paper signed by both parents, giving the minor authorization to travel to Mexico on the appointed dates. If only one parent is living, the airlines may require a copy of the death certificate. A minor may not be allowed to leave the U.S without the required documentation.

Passport- A must for each participant. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you may need a special visa from the Mexican Consulate – you need to call the one nearest to you and find out about the requirements. It is recommended to keep it with you at all times.  It is a gigantic headache if you lose it.